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Intools Admin (20Jam)


Training ini diselenggarakan untuk memberikan pemahaman tentang instalasi aplikasi SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) dan database setup, serta yang terpenting adalah untuk memberikan pemahaman bagaimana setup dan konfigurasi awal pada suatu project menggunakan aplikasi SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools).


  • Deployment Options
  • SPI (INtools) Database Entities
  • Installation and Configuration on Oracle/ MS-SQL
  • Intergraph SPLM and SPI (INtools) Software Installation
  • Database Preparation – DBSetup utility
  • Domain Initialization
  • System Administrator & Domain Topics
  • SPI (INtools) Backups
  • SPI (INtools) Domain Upgrades
  • Internal Setup Utility
  • Data Structure
  • DB Checker / CheckDB Utility

SmartPlant P&ID User (20Jam)


This course is designed for engineers and designers who will use the SmartPlant P&ID software to generate intelligent P&IDs. Learn how to use the SmartPlant P&ID application to optimize the creation of P&IDs

  • Placing equipment, piping, and instruments
  • Placing labels
  • Placing assemblies
  • Organizing your Catalog Explorer
  • Using Filters to optimize your work
  • Using the Stockpile
  • Using the Properties Grid
  • Manipulating graphics
  • Working with the Engineering Data Editor
  • Checking design and data consistency
  • Printing drawings
  • Generating reports
  • Using piping specifications

SmartPlant P&ID Admin (20Jam)


This course is the foundation for those who will administer and customize the application to meet specific work processes and standards. You will learn how to set up a Site and Plant Structure with SmartPlant Engineering Manager and the details of SmartPlant P&ID reference data management and customization


  • SmartPlant Engineering Manager and SmartPlant P&ID Overview
  • Creating a Plant Breakdown Structure (PBS) hierarchy
  • Creating a SmartPlant P&ID Plant
  • Data Dictionary Manager
  • Options Manager Rule Manager
  • Catalog Manager
  • Filter Manager
  • Format Manager
  • Line Style Editor
  • Importing external data
  • Creating symbols and labels
  • Creating reports

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